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Jan 23, 2012 No Comments ›› Terry Phillips


  • Jobs.  Employment is the key to improving our economy.  Terry Phillips is committed to dynamic public-private partnerships.  He respects both business and labor.
  • Democracy.  For too long, our government has been in the hands of career politicians loyal only to party and Wall Street.  Terry Phillips offers a real choice for change in Washington.
  • Security.  As a war correspondent, Terry Phillips has seen the consequences of combat firsthand.  He supports veterans at home and abroad.
  • Independence.  Terry Phillips is not a member of any political party.  He will truly represent our entire district.  We need an independent voice who will work to end government gridlock.
  • Solutions.  Our country faces unprecedented challenges.  We need a representative with bold ideas and real-world leadership.  Terry Phillips is ready, willing and able to serve.

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