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Nov 14, 2011 5 Comments ›› Terry Phillips


I have been asked to run for California’s new 23rd Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives.  Located in the Central Valley, our district covers most of Kern and Tulare counties.  It also includes part of Los Angeles County.

As an independent journalist, I am not a member of any political party.  That means I can represent the best interests of everyone.  The incumbent is a leader of the partisan mess in Washington.  He puts his own career ahead of his constituents. Since his election, no one has seriously challenged him.  To have only one name on the ballot is undemocratic, un-American and just plain wrong.

I am very disappointed by the incumbent’s failure to represent ALL of us.  He seems to forget the first three words of our constitution: “We the people...”  He also ignores his sworn duty to put loyalty to country above loyalty to party.

My professional background has given me many years of experience listening to people.  My independence permits me to work with everyone without partisan restrictions.  That is how I would serve if elected.

I have a lot of local backing and I’m willing to run, but I will need much more help.  With public approval of Congress at an all-time low, we would stand a good chance to win by offering voters a choice for a change.  We must end government gridlock and put Americans back to work.

Can I count on your support?  Please do what you can.

Thank you very much.

-Terry Phillips


  1. Don Maben says:


    I have read you material and other articles about you. I agree with you that the party hack McCarthy must go.

    But before I decide to support you I would like to know how you would not only represent Kern County, but how you would change the direction of our country and help create jobs and strengthen the middle class.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Sal Moretti says:

    I’ve been looking for a meaningful way to get involved and I believe your candidacy might be just the way. As we discussed on the phone, I look forward to being useful in this attainable endeavor. I have a hunch this is not the only district where a grassroots movement will come together with a similar goal. Let me know when you’re getting your team together.

  3. Brian St. John says:

    I like what you’ve said so far, but I’m interested in your bio and positions. I have written McCarthy several letters in the last few years on a myriad of subjects with absolutely no response. I too have been decline to state for years having become disillusioned with both parties.

    Brian St. John/Bear Valley Springs

  4. Ricardo Tavares says:

    Terry Phillips has made a difference for hundreds of millions of people around the world by promoting solutions for Californian issues on radio, covering the end of Communism in Russia, finding cheap means for expanding mobile telecommunications in Latin America, training journalists of new democracias on what free press is all about. The people of the 23rd Congressional District will have a great opportunity to make democracy work in America by voting for Terry. Go, Terry, go!

    Ricardo Tavares

  5. Esther Torres says:

    I like what you have to say and interested to know your position in job creation in Kern County. I am also tired of how Mr. McCarthy has conducted himself, along with the rest of the Republicans, as our Congressman. I am an Independent and live in Mr. McCarthy’s District, but I do not feel I am well represented in Washington D.C.

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