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Sep 6, 2012 No Comments ›› Terry Phillips

For too many years, we’ve been deprived of honest, effective leadership in Washington.  Politicians are increasingly concerned with advancing their personal and partisan interests instead of working for all their constituents.  What’s worse, in election after election, incumbents often run without an opponent.  That’s undemocratic, un-American and just plain wrong.

I saw first-hand the end of communism in the Soviet Union, the struggles for freedom in Europe, in Africa and in the Middle East.  All around the world, people today are rising up against dictators.  I say, it’s time to bring democracy back to our country.  It’s time to have a choice for a change.  I offer you that choice.

Many sacrificed their lives in service to America.  We owe them a debt that can never be repaid.  I believe we all have a duty to serve, however we can.  As President Teddy Roosevelt said, “It is not the critic who counts…The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”

I’m proud to call myself a Central Valley native.  Those of us who live here know what generations before us have known.  Because of our great natural resources, our talented entrepreneurs and our hard-working laborers, we provide food and energy for millions of people.  It’s no surprise, then, that so many call the California heartland God’s country.

But we face enormous challenges.  In these difficult times, some say we need to lower our expectations.  They say we need to think small.  I say, they are wrong.

This country did not become great by saying, “No.”  We did it by uniting during crises.  We did it by landing on the moon.  But it’s not enough to say, “Yes we can.”  It’s time to say, “Yes we MUST.”

We must invest in our future.  We must put our economic house in order.  We must put jobs ahead of petty partisan priorities.  I say, it’s time to end the bickering in Washington and start cooperating again.

It’s no wonder that Republicans and Democrats in Congress have trouble getting anything done.  Just look at the way they position themselves – on opposite sides of the room.  How can they work together when they don’t even sit together?

I’m not a member of any political party.  I am truly independent.  That means I’m free to work with people of all persuasions.

By contrast, my opponent is locked in to a narrow agenda that benefits the few and ignores the majority.  He lacks the flexibility to form bipartisan agreements.  Despite calling for cooperation, he perpetuates government gridlock.

Well I say, it’s time to end the politics of brinksmanship and backroom deals in Congress.  It’s time to replace K Street cronyism with an independent voice of common sense.  It’s time to send someone to Washington who will listen to what all people need, and who will do what’s right for everyone.

At this very moment, millions of our neighbors have lost their jobs, their homes, their hope.  Our economy is in real trouble.  Meanwhile, politicians and their rich, powerful friends continue to get richer and more powerful.  We cannot support policies that protect only those at the top.

Now, I’m all for the creation of wealth.  I’ve been the owner of a small business as well as an executive in a large corporation.  I have made money for myself.  I’ve also created jobs and opportunities for others.  That’s the American way.

But my opponent has a different plan for America.  His failed leadership brought us to the brink of massive tax increases.  It brought our government to the brink of a shut down, and brought our country to the brink of default.

His way would have caused the banking system collapse, the auto industry would be dead and we’d all be in another Great Depression.  His budget plan would have cheated millions of Americans out of Social Security, added trillions to the debt and killed Medicare.  This is not my idea of the American dream.

We face unprecedented challenges that demand a new type of leadership – not the same, old schemes.  If you agree that it’s time to send someone with fresh ideas to the House of Representatives, then I ask for your help.

Let’s embrace the optimistic spirit of Ronald Reagan and Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King.  Let’s stop fighting each other.  Let’s get past our minor differences and work to improve everyone’s quality of life.

-Terry Phillips

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