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Endorsement from Eric Parker

Jun 10, 2012 No Comments ›› Terry Phillips

June 10, 2012

To the 23rd District,

I would like to thank all of the eight thousand, four hundred and twenty-one (and still counting) voters who took the time to look at my website, read about my ideas and in a lot of cases vote out of their party for a Common Man for Congress. I will never forget you, and this experience. I will always be forever grateful for your support.

Unfortunately, we came in third and that means my campaign must end. That does not mean I have to stop my protest movement to protect all of are personal freedoms.

I will continue to put Country before party, and vote for the best candidate with the most common sense ideas, with strong plans for protecting our rights. That Congressional Candidate in November is Terry Phillips, and he has my vote. I hope he will have yours.

In closing, I would like to ask a few final questions and hopes of all of us.

First, If the last time you voted out of your political party or voted out a Senate or Congressional Incumbent was more than a decade ago, you might want to change that, or stop complaining that our Government never changes.

Second, You can not be a conservative and a risk taker, or be a risk taker in business and not want to invest in our Country, without economic certainty and assured guaranties from our Government, that you can not lose your investment. That is the risk, in being a “Risk Taker”!

And finally, How long since Major American Corporations have created American jobs in this Country, do they get to still be considered “Job Creators”?

My hope is that we stay involved in the process that governs us, continue voting against Business and Politics as usual and push for Governance and Leadership as promised.

Because if we do not, the next generation will find themselves having to fight for the same rights and freedoms that this generation takes for granted, and our previous generations had to fight so hard to get.

Just a few parting thoughts for all of you to ponder, before you cast your next vote November 6th.


Thanks again,

Eric Parker
Former Candidate for Congress

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More personal endorsements

May 13, 2012 No Comments ›› Terry Phillips

Here are some of the many messages of support from Democrats, Republicans and others sent to our campaign in 2012:

•Congratulations from a former CBS work colleague in Moscow! I learned about your run for Congress only recently but want to offer my full support. I don’t know much about Mr. McCarthy except that he sounds very entrenched, and your win seems to reflect the sentiment to change the status quo in so many places.  I can attest to your high professionalism during our working years together.
-Bill G.

•I like what you have to say and interested to know your position in job creation in KernCounty. I am also tired of how Mr. McCarthy has conducted himself, along with the rest of the Republicans, as our Congressman. I am an Independent and live in Mr. McCarthy’s District, but I do not feel I am well represented in WashingtonD.C.
- Esther T.

•I am glad to hear you believe in New clean transportation that will provide speedy commuting for many. I too know there’s flaws. I’ve attended many town meetings on the subject. What baffles me that it is our officials responsibility to per-mote it. As written in job description. I have Not seen support from McCarthy at all! He wants to isolate us with our bad environmental policies that only help the cor-polluters. I’m ready for a healthier future!
-Victoria G.

•I URGE ALL WHO SUPPORT TERRY TO CALL MCCARTHY’S OFFICE AND DEMAND A DEBATE!!! We can make a difference and change things if we will ALL pick up the phone!! Then, let’s spread the word through friends, Facebook and writing letters to our local papers to say WE DO HAVE A CHOICE THIS NOVEMBER!
-Elizabeth G.

•Thank you for running Mr. Phillips I have long lamented Mr. McCarthy and his utter lack of interest in his constitutes! He flies home almost every weekend (I believe we pay for that!) and he never can manage to have a “Town Hall”? I have asked and asked his office)s) and they never are “too sure about that, but will ask and get back.” They never do.
-Lynn B.

•Terry You Are The Man !!! We need More People Like You Great Job !!!!
-Ryan S.

•I am a Native Californian, age 74, and a 15 year resident of KernCounty. While I originally supported Mr. McCarthy because of who I thought he was, it has become apparent he is solely a party puppet for Republicans regardless of issue, cause, errors, supporter of blatant lies touted by that party. He has mightily helped his party to bring this country to the brink of irreparable disaster and financial death. I have long felt that political parties need someone who can think for the country’s well-being instead of how much more can be put into the pockets of the wealthy.
- JoAnne K.

•We need an independent voice in Congress, not McCarthy’s partisan politics.
-Brian R.

•My mail-in ballot is in the mail, Terry. Voted for you, of course! Thank you for having the courage to challenge McCarthy.
- Billie T.

•Hope you get elected!
-Adrienne G.

•Go for it Terry. As a life long Republican, now leaning toward being an Independent, I salute you. Big Money is not the answer. Californiadeserves better than it has had from KernCounty. Best of luck.
-Chuck H.

•I am so excited that you are running for the House. We need you so badly!
-Laurie R.

• Yes! Yes! Yes! You will definitely get my vote. McCarthy is an insult to Bakersfieldand the county. He is party first, the people last. I don’t think we will ever have a real voice in government until both parties are gone and everyone in the house and senate is an Independent. Even then…as long as lobbyists control policy, and corporations can donate millions or more. Good Luck. I hope we can succeed in getting rid of this yes man puppet McCarthy. He certainly doesn’t represent my interests.
- Ron B.

• Terry, good luck against a big fish. McCarthy’s formidable, but a guy’s got to do what he has to do.
- Tom M.

• What a thrill see you run for office!! I wish you the very best!
-Cathy G.

• Congratulations on your decision to run. We need a new congressman. McCarthy & his staff are noncaring about constituents’ concerns, questions or problems. I asked a simple question and got a cold shoulder, quick, nonresponsive answer that turned out to be incorrect. When I personally visited their office I was basically told to ‘take a hike’. I’ll vote for you and hopefully your staff will be more concerned with constituents’ concerns.
-Gary P.

• I wish you strength and resolve.
-Mike S.

• Terry sure knows his stuff and he makes a lot of sense. I don’t live in the 23rd district, but if I did, I would certainly vote for him!
-Mark B.

•President Hoover (president during the start of the Great Depression) believed in Business to save the country. But it couldn’t or wouldn’t because businesses are not in the business of hiring unless forced to. They are in business to make money, and will only hire when the business is there. Government is not suppose to be in the business of making money. It is suppose to protect the people. Does not the Constitution begin with the words: “We the People …?”

The middle class has always been the economic powerhouse of our country. But the current atmosphere, particularly in Congress, is to say no to anything if it isn’t my way. It sound more like the playground of 4 and 5 year olds. “If you don’t play my way, I will take my ball home.” And in the ideological battles that continues, it is destroying the Middle Class. And by doing so, it is prolonging the Great Recession.

I just returned from La Purisima Mission State Historic Park nearLompoc. It is the most completely restored mission in the state. And it was done by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp from 1934 to 1941). The CCC hired young men from ages 17 to 23 during the Great Depression years. It’s work can be seen all around the country. It typically hired 300,000 men at a time from families that had no assurance of a roof over their head and food on the table. 5/6s of the money they made went back to the families. These men could also finish school and learn trades. During it’s 7 years, it helped 2.5 million men and their families to get through the dark years. In 1950s, theCaliforniaversion of the CCC continued that tradition because of hard times. I cannot see McCarthy caring that much for those in real needs of people.

And that is one of the main reasons I am supporting Terry Phillips for Congress. Hasn’t Kevin been in office long enough?
-Larry T.


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May 13, 2012 No Comments ›› Terry Phillips

Here is a sample of the many supportive comments sent to our Congressional Exploratory Committee in 2011:

From: Ken
Subject: Challenge to McCarthy
It’s about time we get a choice. Please let me know where and when Terry will have a fund raiser and I will come with my check book.

From: Virginia
Subject: Support for YOU
I support your candidacy. Hope you decide to run.

From: Ed
Subject: Yes, Please Run
Please do run against McCarthy. I am nauseated by McCarthy’s blind obedience to big money Central Valley interests. The Constitution reads “We the people,” not We the Corporations. Go for it!

From: Loretta
Subject: Challenging McCarthy
I saw the Californian article saying you have created an exploratory committee to look into running against Kevin McCarthy next year. I want to let you know that I’ll vote for you if you run! McCarthy is just a Republican political hack and has done little for the majority of people he’s supposed to represent in this area. By the way, I really miss you on KVPR on Tuesdays.

From: Sally
Subject: running for congress
I am very interested in hearing about you and your ideas to help our state. Last time Kevin ran I wrote in Donald Duck, as my candidate for congress!! We need change in congress and the only way that can happen is to get new people in, that truly represent the people in California. I feel we need to get the career politicians out of the Congress and the senate. Please let me know what you stand for and how you think you can help change things for the better for everyone not just the richest people.

From: Janet
Subject: please run
I will help in any way I can. I’m a retired teacher and can make calls, walk precincts, or make a small contribution.

From: Andrew
Subject: Kevin McCarthy
In regards to Mr. McCarthy, I to share your concerns. I am very interested in the progress of your committee. I myself live in Wasco. Gerrymandering from the past has placed me Dan Costa’s district. Yet, this brings me little comfort. I figure it this way. Mr. McCarthy’s efforts in grandstanding for national recognition has been a determent not only to Kern County, but the commonwealth of California as well. Please keep me posted.

From: Joseph
Subject: Congratulations and Good Luck
I must admit that it’s about time someone ran against Kevin nothing for Kern County. Since he was Bill Thomas’ protégé, I expected more from him. Apparently, he worries only about himself and the Republican Party.

From: Marvin
Subject: Interested in supporting Terry
I am registered as Not Stated and changed from Republican in about 2003 due to different views of the world. I am interested in seeing diversity in the Congressional campaign and I do not believe McCarthy has local interests or even Central Valley interests as a priority with his positional power. I have read some of Terry’s material and his web page and support what I see. I also have heard him on Valley NPR and like what I heard. Let me know if I can be of help.

From: CC
Subject: Verry happy
So excited to see someone challenging McCarthy finally. We hated to see McCarthy’s name only ballot. Thank you and good luck.

From: Dan
Subject: running for Congress
My wife and I will vote for you. Kevin is a total disappointment not representing California. He sold his soul to the devil with the bail of large investment and insurance firms and banks, and nothing for to bail CA of its debt. I have voted against Kevin in every election. We need somebody who will get bail money for California, and vote against more money for war and foreign aid. California First should be your motto. Go for it and enough are irritated with Kevin that they will vote for you.

From: Jim and Johanna
Subject: Beat McCarthy
We are excited about the possibility of a real campaign to get a two party system in this community. We will help.

From: Dan
Force McCarthy to debate the issues. The electorate here in Bakersfield have no idea what “net neutrality” means and how McCarthy is pushing to end it with the phony declaration of “producing more jobs.” Good Luck, you have two votes in this household.

From: Jerry
Subject: Occupy Congress
Terry has my vote and the votes of many, many more who have had enough of the corruption that passes as politics and business. Kevin McCarthy is an undeclared lobbyist for special interest groups who, I’m sure, will reward him handsomely upon his retirement. Please….let’s retire him and then work to take the money out of politics and restore Democracy.

From: Cheryl
Subject: Yyyyaaaayyyyyy
I love that you are running against Kevin, I’d like to know what you stand for. Looking forward to learning more about you.

From: Robert
Subject: Candidacy
YES! Please do it….we need a viable alternative to Kevin McCarthy.

From: Timothy
Subject: I encourage you to run
I encourage you to run against Congressman McCarthy. I don’t know your viewpoints on any of the issues we as Americans face, but I do know that we need choices in the voting booth. I’m interested in knowing your viewpoints and how you’d position your ideas in a run against him. I’m a lifelong Democrat and have watched the democratic party dwindle to nothing here in the area. It’s a shame, but this is what happens when living is easy and group think becomes the norm and then political apathy is the rule to the point where an opposing view is ridiculed and laughed at because everyone thinks the same or they just don’t think and go along with everyone else’s ideas.

From: Regina
Subject: Please
Run that would be great. Please

From: Al
Subject: Re: Running for Congress
Would like to have more information about you related to your challenging McCarthy in 2012. Certainly I would like to see someone replace him no matter what political affiliation.

From: Deborah
Subject: Glad someone’s running!
I am glad someone is running against Kevin McCarthy. I have many beefs include the following: He touts the bills he’s voted on, but it’s been on bills he knows would never become law. He takes pride in voting his values. This is like a man who gives me a fancy ring, but won’t set the date. Despite the intention, I’m still not married. He votes, but nothing gets done.

He speaks in NOTHING but Republican talking points. On a recent telephone town hall (which I really like as a concept) when confronted on the problems with the postal service spouted off how we need to cut back on government spending. The postal service is self-sufficient and receives no federal funds. This is just one example of how Republican talking points are his default position and how ill-informed he can be. (I mean, come on! I knew about the post office and he doesn’t?)

Can Kevin McCarthy tell me what he’s done for Kern County? We don’t have large corporations and banking institutions? We are still predominately rural and agriculture. What bills have become law that directly help us? (The only thing that’s come down the pike lately what Obama’s health care bill which allowed us to put our daughter back on our insurance.)

My favorite picture of McCarthy is one where he is standing behind John Boehner. His head looks like its attached to John Boehner shoulder and it always reminds me of the “two-headed cabbage” from Men is Black II. I believe he is absolutely sold and permanently attached to the Republican leadership.

Bakersfield has prided itself on leaders who were independent and weren’t automatons. Stern, Thomas and others worked for California and worked for Kern County. McCarthy has sold his soul and it’s against everything that our history of representation has been. We are not extreme Republicans OR Democrats. We look for reasonable legislation for people who work hard for what they have.

I cannot say you have my vote. I don’t know who you are or what you would do in office. However, McCarthy needs to be challenged hard to explain himself. He needs to be pulled out of the nice, comfortable, one answer fits all world he has created for himself and forced to talk about how he intends to do something for us.

If this is something you are willing to do, win or lose, you could improve the horrible situation we are facing in this country with a congress that only wants to do “show votes.” Good luck! I will be listening and watching.

From: Billie
Subject: (no subject)
I’m delighted to hear you are considering running against McCarthy. I’m sure the votes will be there for you. Good Luck,

From: Steve
Subject: Thank you!

Please run it is time for CHANGE IN WASHINGTON McCarthy must go and needs a real challenge

From: Patty
Subject: election
Yes, please run!!!

From: Aaron
Subject: Hello, Terry— It was good speaking with you!
Just a note to say that I appreciated you taking the time to speak with me this morning about your possible run for Congress against Kevin McCarthy. It was encouraging to hear Lois Henry (“Californian Radio”) say that you have developed an “Exploratory Committee.”

In your article in “Community Voices” (10-12-11) , “Bring democracy back to Kern”, you made a number of excellent points; one of which is: “In election after election, we have only one candidate running for Congress. This is fundamentally undemocratic and un-American.”

I whole-heartedly agree.

Again, Terry, it was good speaking with you . It is heartening indeed to see your interest in running for Congress against the incumbent.

Cheers…and best wishes to you as you explore a Congressional bid.

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