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May 5, 2012 No Comments ›› Terry Phillips

I share the dissatisfaction voters feel toward our two major parties. That is why I am running as an independent candidate. The U.S. Government Code of Ethics requires public officials to put loyalty to country ahead of loyalty to party. But most politicians have a financial incentive to make partisan decisions, leading to government gridlock.

Incumbents spend too much time fundraising and not enough time legislating. Their votes often favor the interests of campaign contributors rather than most constituents — or our country. If elected, I would propose serious campaign finance reform to end this institutionalized corruption.

Kevin McCarthy has raised millions of dollars from big corporations for his campaign even though he expected to run unopposed. My supporters have all been individuals. Some are friends and relatives. Most are simply fellow citizens who want to defeat the incumbent. A list of all contributors to political campaigns is publicly available from the Federal Election Commission and such websites as

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